Free lighting and electricity for your cabin, shed, hut, mobile home, caravan, camper van, RV, boat... wherever you are.

Why Solar Power?

What it can do for you

How would you like to charge all of your electronic equipment such as laptops, tablets and smart phones, completely free, with solar electricity?

Maybe you'd like to be able to recharge all your cordless power tools in your shed or cabin, or vehicle - indeed anywhere - without needing any connection to the electrical grid?

Have you thought about what a positive impact it would have on your comfort and quality of life to be able to run a fridge or cooler box in your boat or camper van from solar energy?

Have you imagined the benefits of being able to power your lighting, radio, or even your communication and navigation equipment on your boat or barge, with no noisy generators or motors running?

Solar panels can last for decades. Once installed, they keep working faithfully, day after day. There are no blackouts or unexpected power cuts. There's no feeding the meter, no recurring bills, and the price per kilowatt-hour will never go up!

Perhaps above all, solar power means energy independence, which is what is most important to people who value freedom, self-sufficiency, and resilience in an uncertain future.

How it works

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Visit The Solar Cabin

See for yourself

Located in County Wexford in the South East of Ireland, we can design and install a solar power system to suit your needs. Make an appointment to visit the Solar Cabin for a demonstration. See for yourself how you can start to take advantage of energy that is available free from above! You will be amazed at how easy and affordable it can be.

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